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Especially formulated for horses in intense work, endurance horses and event horses.

£149.00 / kg *

A  very high quality, double filtered liquid mineral supplement. Sourced and manufactured in Wales.

£12.99 *

This liquid supplement simply represents the best you can give your horse and only come together as a result of the findings of two Major scientific studies.

£19.00 *

Bute (not phenylbutazone) is prohibited during competition and many riders and owners are turning to natural plant products.

£82.00 *

Introducing high strength Superfix Easi-Max. Specially formulated for dogs and developed from our bestselling Sportmax.

£49.50 *

Naturally supports the renewal of normal gastro-intestinal function.

£140.00 / kg *

Use L-6 prior to galloping or racing to provide support for normal respiration. 

£76.95 *

To aid muscle tone, topline and excercise recovery.

£81.00 *

Supports healthy respiration, blood levels and is natural and easily absorbed

£51.40 *

For the problems horses have….. Mares, Stallions and Geldings 

£47.95 *

Helps to maintain normal free, forward, flexible movement of muscles



£46.95 *

 For horses coming back from illness or just needing that bit extra 

£44.00 *

A unique product and first of its kind. Addresses the fat pony/insulin resistance issue and helps convert fat to lean muscle. Supportive to the health of good doer native ponies that are fed grass/starch diets and can be fed to horses/ponies prone to laminitis. Strongly promotes hoof health and the break up of fat deposits (cresty neck).

£46.95 / 0.5 kg *

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