Superfix Lamalert®

Superfix Lamalert®

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£46.95 / 0.5 kilogram(s)

There is a link between obesity, adipose tissue,(cresty neck), insulin resistance and insidious-onset laminitis, collectively known as Equine MetabolicSyndrome.Native ponies are susceptible to EMS because they evolved to survive in a harsh environment and are
more effective at digesting poor quality forage.Lamalert can help prevent Insidious Onset Laminitis by helping to lower blood glucose levels and protecting against insulin resistance.

Two types of daily feed levels are recommended:
Winter-wellbeing (maintenance): 1 Scoop
Spring/Summer support (glucose supressant): 2 Scoops
Recommended steps:
Limit grazing to 1>2 hrs per day, Avoid high risk times, strip graze and wear muzzle



Magnesium Oxide, Chenopdium Alba, Ecdysterone.

Additives: Zinc Chelate E4a21 5mg/Kg.  Copper Bilysinate E3b411 16mg/KG

Crude Ash: 0.19% Moisture: 1.45% Crude Protein: 0.29% Crude Fibre: 2.40%. Oil 0.06%.


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